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Frequently Asked Questions

Days of Operation: Tuesday – Sunday  Limited Availability: Holidays & Mondays
Standard Starting Hours: 11am-1pm, 6-7pm, 10-11pm

(arrival/set up: ~30-60 min. prior to event)

Does Still Smokin help with dietary restrictions? Is anything Gluten Free on your menu? Vegetarian? 

  • Just let us know! All meats and sauces are naturally gluten free. Tacos and Lettuce Wraps are completely Gluten free dishes.

       Sweet Potato Fries are not breaded, but fried in oil that has been in contact with gluten. BBQ tofu is available at request for any catering.

Does Still Smokin cater for weddings? other events? 

  • Absolutely, Still Smokin enjoys bringing the food truck experience to such special events!

       We also cater for Company Luncheons, Festivals, Parties, Schools, Birthdays, Meetings, Church Gatherings or any other Special Event.

How much is Still Smokin's service charge? Should I pay an additional gratuity? 

  • We do not include a standard Service charge for catering.

       Our current service charge for weddings is 15%. Additional gratuity can be added at clients’ own discretion. 

Does Still Smokin require a minimum order? 

  • Yes, our minimum food truck catering orders start at ~$1000+ and can go up from there depending on date and time. 

What is the travel fee for?

  • The travel fee makes it possible for us to provide (labor & utilities) service to your area.

       If the event is within 15 miles of our Test Kitchen location, there is no travel fee.

Do I need to provide a permit for Still Smokin to cater my event?

  •  If you are located in Denver, you will not need to obtain a permit.

       Outside cities may require $90-$350+ in permit fees, unless we will be parking on private property. Please check your city for its requirements

       We can provide guidance with obtaining permits, if necessary.

The price quotes have gone up since the last time we talked, can you honor the old prices?

  • Unfortunately, unless a contract is signed, with the old prices, by both Still Smokin & the client we must adhere to our current prices.

How far in advance should I book a Still Smokin event? 

  • We cannot always guarantee open time slots, so the sooner you book the quicker you can secure the date.

       Please fill out our Catering Request Form so we can save a spot for you and contact you to discuss. Events must be booked by Friday, 12 noon,          the week prior to the event. Please call our personal cell phone for last minute inquiries, (720)-300-4010

When is the total due? 

  • The balance is due via Credit Card ~the Friday prior to your event, or by Cash the day prior to your event.

       Checks will only be accepted 10 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR (to allow for clearance).

I have filled out the Catering Request Form, does this mean I have booked the event? If not, how can I? 

  • Unfortunately not, it is just a request. In order to secure your event, you will need to sign the Still Smokin Contract & pay the $100 deposit.

Do you have an alternative to Food Truck Service Catering? Can I do a pick up order from a truck? 

  • Yes, Still Smokin occasionally offers catering pick-up or drop-off delivery. Although we highly recommend ordering & eating directly from the truck, as the food tastes best right off the grill, we try our best to approve most pick orders.

      We also do offer off-site caterings at an additional cost.

Does Still Smokin provide, plates, utensils and napkins? 

  • Yes! black heavy weight forks & knifes, natural craft containers or trays, 2 ply BBQ friendly white napkins.

       Eco-friendly & formal serving options available at an additional cost.

Is the Deposit refundable? Still Smokin requires a $100 deposit to secure any event.


If your event is cancelled:

  • 30 or more days prior to the event date, the full deposit will be refunded

  • 15-29 days prior to event, ½ of the deposit will be refunded

  • 4-14 days prior to event, the full deposit will be retained by Still Smokin

  • 3 days or less prior to the event, the full amount of the event will be retained / owed to Still Smokin

Guaranteed Parking

  • Client must verify that we are allowed to park at the event location site. If, for any reason, Still Smokin is unable to park at the event, all monies for the event, in full, will be retained by Still Smokin. Still Smokin trucks cannot drive up hills with a 15% grade or higher.

CLEARANCE (approx.): length: 35 feet; height: 15 feet; width: 15 feet; weight: 10k+

1. Private parking area or 

2. Street parking

(at least 200 feet from food establishments and not located in Denver's Golden Triangle District unless we have received approval from those establishments. )

What form of payments do you accept? 

  • Still Smokin accepts cash, credit cards, cashier & personal checks (checks must be received 10 business days prior to the event for clearance, payable to: Still Smokin). $35 charge for any bounced / returned checks.

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